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Tom adventures in Romania

  Mercedes Vito Microbuz Mercedes Vito 8+1

Who is Tom?

       Tom is an imaginary character who travelled through many beutiful places in Romania... and decided to build from his experience a business.   Taxi TAXI
        Tom now owns a touristic travel firm, small bus, off road cars, taxi cars and he will guide you to all the places worth visiting in Romania.   Mitsubishi MOUNTAIN TRIPS
       With Tom you can make trips on demand...you can choose the route to the destination, you can negotiate the price, just let him know when you are planning to make the trip an for how long.  

-organised trips
-airport transfer from anywhere in Romania
-mountain trips with 4 x 4 cars
-rent-a-car Valea Prahovei

-accommodation in Sinaia

       He's inviting you to see a few destination which are also available in his offer.